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Busan Shanghai Moon / Shanghai Street (Chinatown)

Cheonggwan guhanmal has called the place of the Chinese Consulate (August 1884 installed) around the main street in front of the ro-gu Busan choryangdong opposite the Chinese school The. Jungang-dong is the Yongdusan Waegwan was around, it was called cheonggwan choryangdong also include China jogye…
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Busan Gwangalli Gwangan Bridge

The bridge construction began in August to ease the traffic jams of the arterial highways such as Suyeong-ro and Junang-ro in the downtown area. The goal was to allow greater accessibility to tourist locations and more efficient transportation of industrial goods by route diversion. The bridge opene…
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Busan Haeundae

Haeundae has a hot spring and a beach. It is a scenic spot that is known as one of the 8 beautiful sites in Korea. It has 8 beautiful sceneries itself so it has been admired by many people since old times. The name, Haeundae, began with a story of a scholar called ' Choi, Chi Won (崔致遠)' durin…
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Busan Jagalchi Market

Busan Jagalchi market is the symbol of Busan with its famous slogan, "Oiso, Boiso, Saiso (Busan dialect for 'come, see and buy')", and it is the largest fish market in Korea. Jagalchi market stretches from the dried fish market next to Youngdo bridge, to the fish market in Chungmu-dong. As for th…
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Busan Taejongdae

Taejondae was designated as the No. 28 Busan monument on June 26, 1972 and it was appointed the No. 17 historic and cultural national treasure. It is a hilly region around 200m above sea level, located at the tip of southeast Yeongdo. A rare thick forest, a coastal cliff with strange rocks and the …
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