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Busan Shanghai Moon / Shanghai Street (Chinatown)
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Cheonggwan guhanmal has called the place of the Chinese Consulate (August 1884 installed) around the main street in front of the ro-gu Busan choryangdong opposite the Chinese school The. Jungang-dong is the Yongdusan Waegwan was around, it was called cheonggwan choryangdong also include China jogyeji is symmetrical in Waegwan words. Day time Above was formed served as the store China (cheongguk) of those houses. Cheonggwan the street was called away the store. Cheonggwan distance of time before then being Choryang maechuk Busan is located offshore east of today's woogeojigo cheonggwan distance is the white sand and blue pine unfold Beach of white sand was struck Chungsong (白沙 靑 松). Could not just go to the street cheonggwan Choryang youngjudong in that time. This cheonggwan street stores Silk, was the product has been imported from Shanghai and elsewhere in China, drapery, suiting, mirror, kkotsin have. Retail not only built to put on fat storage The larger the merchant wholesale too. "Silk trade issue and Wang heart is like Thing" has a lot of songs came from the cheonggwan honsugam of Nam province. The However, since 1900 the Japanese forces pushed Rioja Choryang cheonggwan distance to the light went missing.

Up Independence War and Korea pearl and military conflagration became lost to Leeds in November 1953 teksaseuchon reversal of Jungang, and suddenly the street at Choryang cheonggwan The call to occupy. Cheonggwan accordingly went away is going to lose the name changed to the name of Texas Street. Then the women were later marriages Some people leave here with a lot. Here fewer troops, and was told to find Busan incoming foreign sailors and soldiers of the American warship. Related to sell goods against foreign Went to the spot of the light changed commodity trading. For the 1990s, the Soviet Union found suzerain muneojija communist Russian sailor and longevity are bundle of shops here Has achieved a seongeop. And now to the distance from the cheonggukin American and foreign seamen, after Russians, many foreign trade, Entertainment Now Going to turn the pages of history attraction of tourism products.