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Busan Gwangalli Gwangan Bridge
날짜 : 12-04-09 15:12   조회 : 2,888    

The bridge construction began in August to ease the traffic jams of the arterial highways such as Suyeong-ro and Junang-ro in

the downtown area. The goal was to allow greater accessibility to tourist locations and more efficient transportation of industrial

goods by route diversion. The bridge opened on January 6th, 2003. It is also called 'Gwangan Daero(main street)'.

The total length is 7,420m. The middle 900m of the bridge is a suspension bridge and connect bridge is 6,520m long. It is a

duplex type with 8 lanes and the width is 18-25m wide. It was built by the Busan Metropolitan Construction Office. It connects

No. 49 Square of Namcheon-dong Suyeong-gu Busan to Centum city, Wu-dong Haeundae. A total of 789.9 billion won was

invested in the construction.

It has a lighting system that can make more than 100,000 different colors by the time, the day and the season. Its suspension

bridge is the first 2 floor marine bridge and is also the largest scale bridge in the nation. Moreover, a 2 floor truss bridge of

360m is constructed on each side of the suspension bridge for three spans in a row and it has become a tourist attraction with

the night view of the Gwangan beach in the Busan Metropolitan City.

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